We are Central California's complete Paranormal Service Investigators. 

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Welcome to 11th Hour Paranormal Research Society

 We are an organization that investigates paranormal phenomena, more specifically ghosts and hauntings with an emphasis on research and education.

We investigate sites of paranormal activity including, but not limited to; Private homes, Cemetaries, Businesses and Historical sites using audio and video recording equipment. It is our goal to document and validate the existence of ghosts and educate not only ourselves, but others as well.

We are dedicated to search for irrefutable proof as to their existence and to better understand this particular paranormal phenomena. We follow strict procedures in our  investigations, utilizing handheld and technical equipment. We also use psychic mediums that are trained in the parapsychology and spritual fields. We approach each investigation with confidentiality, professionalism and practicality.

Our team is made of highly trained paranormal investigators who constantly seek to further educate ourselves in the parapsychology and spiritual fields. We strive to further our knowledge of ghostly phenomena through books, seminars, interviews, field research, college courses and with other paranormal investigators.

We are committed to helping others who request our services and to those who wish to understand the paranormal phenomena occuring around them.