Favorite Sites

 Here are some of our favorite sites that you should check out!


 Here you can find all the latest equipment that you'll need to grab some great evidence.  Real Paranormal Investigators selling equipment and supplies we use every week on investigations.  The advice on how to use the items they sell will be answered by real researchers with 30 years of combined experience in the ghost hunting field.


 This is our sister site that Crissy is a part of and we work hand-in-hand to bring out the light. The Lightworkers Foundation came together as a vision of the founder Michelle Tedrow. This is an organization that supports the proliferation of information that is designed to help people heal themselves and each other through prayer or meditation, channeling spirit of loved ones and angels or guides, energy work and other positive and sometimes experimental practices. It is their mission to create an association for those interested in lightwork and finding deeper meaning in life.


  Dr. Salo Stanley, owner of Salo Sounds is a practicing chriropractor of 24 years. After a trip to Sedona, Arizona in 1992, a spiritual awakening gave her great gifts for music and healing with sound. She is also a gifted musician, intuitve spiritual reader, artist, inventor, and sound healer. She also does research with ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication Devices) contacting loved ones from the other side.


 Darcy Bellows-(Mascorro) -Author of Finding Vern,

In Finding Vern a young widow gives her heart felt account of lessons on life, love and the evidence she uncovered when she sought answers on the afterlife. Her touching and remarkable miracle laden story will give rise to thought to any discerning but curious mind. Darcy is also a founding member of the Lightworkers Foundation.





Barb is healing just to be around, she irridates positivity. Check out Barb's Studio in Fresno. She is very active in the Holistic Living and Healing Arts community of Fresno. Barb is also a member of the Lightworkers Foundation.


Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours offers interactive walking tours of Napa City with a spooky twist. Join us and visit the ghosts and legends of Napa City and experience the mysteries, scandals, and ghosts they left behind. Learn about the last public execution in California, the criminal who ended up hanging in the Napa High School Science Department, 

The Greenwood Murder, The Fagiani Murder, The Tale of the Zodiac, and other ghoulishly interesting facts. Tours take place on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and meet at 825 Brown Street (the old Napa Courthouse) on the side facing Brown Street. Don't miss out on the fun -- call for a reservation today!